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Twydall Primary School

Twydall Primary School

The Welfare Team


Our school has a brilliant range of welfare resources that can be accessible to our pupils. 

These are:

  • Lego therapy - this is a small group intervention which supports social skills of our pupils and the ability to work together to get a desired outcome, using Lego pieces. This is undertaken by trained staff at Twydall. This is weekly sessions.
  • Play Therapy - We have an onsite Therapeutic Play Practitioner, a Play Therapist who is sourced outside of school and a Play Therapist student studying for her Diploma. This is a 1-1 intervention offering play as a way for the pupil to communicate their thoughts and feelings. This is weekly sessions.
  • Drawing and Talking- this is a 1-1 intervention undertaken by trained staff, where a child uses the art of drawing to discuss and express their thoughts and feelings. This is weekly sessions.
  • ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support assistance) This intervention is carried out by a trained member of staff, to support the Emotional development of children and young people in school. This is a 1-1 intervention carried out weekly over a period of sessions.

Mrs Busby is the schools Pastoral Support Co-ordinator and welcomes the children in to school every day.