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Twydall Primary School

Twydall Primary School

Care, Courtesy, Commitment and
Consideration in our Community

Physical Education

At Twydall Primary School, we believe that physical education is key to all children’s development and well-being. We have a broad and balanced curriculum which is intended to provide pupils with self-confidence in their abilities to challenge themselves and manage their bodies within a variety of activities. As a school, we aim to give pupils the opportunity to demonstrate their strengths and build on their areas of development by providing a selection of learning experiences. With our specialist PE coaches, pupils are given enriching lessons with key knowledge of the sports they are undertaking. When creating the curriculum, we take careful consideration into the range of abilities of the pupils within our school, ensuring they are given equal opportunities to forward their development.

Opportunities we provide the pupils:

A range of Mini Youth and Disability Youth Games for a variety of children, including Pupil Premium

Young Leaders training to provide leadership skills to pupils in years 5 and 6

Sports Organising Crew to develop pupils’ skills when organising events for the whole school

Medway football leagues to promote confidence in popular sports

Lunch time activities to advance team building skills for all year groups

Some of our most notable achievements to date:

1st place in the Medway Primary Football League Premiership

1st place in the Medway Primary Football League Championship

3rd place in the Medway District Cup

7th place in Kwik Cricket Mini Youth Games

1st place Disability Youth Games Boccia

10th place Football Mini Youth Games