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Our Vision

We aim for our children to reach their potential and to give them a thirst and love of learning which they will take beyond their time with us.  We want to develop well-rounded future members of society who not only have the academic knowledge and skills but also the social and emotional characteristics that will help them succeed.  We believe in giving children a wide range of experiences to give them opportunities to develop all aspects of their personalities and talents.  Our curriculum aims to be balanced and wide and we work hard to make learning ‘sticky’!

Nurturing of our children is paramount; childhood should be a safe, happy time and children need to be ready to learn.  We are a trauma aware school and have a well-being centre where we can offer a raft of support such as play therapy, counselling, Lego and drawing and talking. We work with parents, Governors, RMET and Medway LA to provide a stimulating and rewarding education, which goes beyond the classroom and contributes to our local community.

Inclusion is at the heart of everything we do and we be strongly believe that EVERY child has the right to access a high quality education.