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Twydall Primary School

Twydall Primary School

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Ofsted Results and Letters

The Ofsted inspection seems a very long time ago (June 6-7th) and the publication has been delayed in part due to the summer holiday. The timing of the inspection was disappointing for us all as it was early on in our journey of improvement however, the report does recognise this:

“Improvements have just got under way since the appointment of the acting headteacher. She has brought a new sense of purpose and direction to the school and has harnessed the support of the staff. There are positive green shoots of recovery.” “ Leaders have improved the school environment, which is now attractive, well organised and orderly. Pupils’ behaviour has improved and standards are beginning to rise.” Ofsted 2018.

The timing of the inspection was disappointing for us all as it judges Learning Outcomes on the 2017 SATS, as our SATs results 2018 were published after the inspection.

Year 6







49 %

77 %



84 %

78 %



41 %

73 %



47 %

77 %



31 %



These results were incredible, and reflect the efforts all of us have put in with regard to specialised teaching, improved curriculum and interventions. As such we challenged the judgement which Ofsted made.

The grades that can be awarded are Outstanding, Good, Requires Improvement or Inadequate. Previously Twydall Primary School was placed into Special Measures and was Inadequate in all areas.

This inspection has judged the school to be Inadequate overall due to Pupil Outcomes being a limiting judgement. So unfortunately, although the report indicates we are making rapid improvement this has disappointingly not been recognised overall. We unsuccessfully challenged this, as we really believe that by hitting National standards in 2018 we cannot be inadequate. The report states, “the acting headteacher has brought stability to the school. She has introduced many positive changes and improvements are underway.”

We are pleased that we have moved the school out of Special Measures and we are now Requires Improvement in 4 out of 5 areas. Although we do feel that these are harsh judgements. The wording of the report is very positive and I do urge you to read the detail and be assured that we are making huge improvements and are providing a good education and a safe environment for our children.

“Children feel safe at school” and “Safeguarding is effective.” Ofsted 2018.

The report does highlight areas that we had already identified as priorities to develop further, which include attendance and punctuality, problem solving in Maths and Phonics – both of which are key priorities this year. We really do need your support to reach the National target of 96% attendance.

Unfortunately, I will not be in school on Monday owing to my Mother’s funeral. If you would like to discuss the report I will be available next Tuesday and Thursday afternoons to meet with parents. Please contact the office to make an appointment.

Please find attached Twydall Primary School's June 2018 Ofsted report and press releases from both the Governors and Mr Simon Decker.

Please follow the link below to view our recent reports on the Ofsted website, if you would like a hard copy of the report please request one from the office.

Ofsted Reports

Kind regards

Mrs C Logan