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Physical Education


Physical Education (P.E) at Twydall Primary School is a subject that is inclusive of all abilities, strives towards embracing challenge, maintains high-levels of aspiration and engages all pupils, regardless of their starting points to value continuous self-improvement. Through high-quality teaching and a broad curriculum focus, children are able to develop their knowledge and skills across a range of sports and physical activities, which encourages the pupils to excel and achieve their best; underpinning the school’s values of CHARACTER. Our aim is for all children to value the importance of being physically active, and understand the role that sport can have on maintaining and following a heathy life-style in order to combat social and emotional issues which are a part of their every day. We aspire for all or pupils to leave Twydall primary, confident and competent young people, who can apply their skills and knowledge across wider aspects of their learning, as they move onto the next stage of their education, as well as the wider aspects of their everyday environment.


  • Children engage in high-quality lessons, delivered by their class teacher twice a week, focusing on two sports per-term. 

  • Through the use of lesson plans and schemes of work provided by Greenacre Sports Partnership, teachers are able to adapt and plan their lessons, so that they are fully-inclusive and meet the needs of the pupils in their class. 

  • A curriculum overview ensures that children participate in a variety of sports thought their time at Twydall, which also outlines the progression of skills and knowledge as they progress though the school. 

  • In partnership with the HSSP, children have the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular events, which are both competitive and for the love of the sport. Twydall attends many sporting festivals at KS2 which provides an opportunity for the children to showcase their talents across a variety of sporting activities. 

  • Twydall enters teams into Medway’s MYG events, which allows pupils represent the school in competitive sporting activity against other primary schools in the local area, The school has a proud history of success at these tournaments. 

Some of our most notable achievements to date:

1st place in the Medway Primary Football League Premiership

1st place in the Medway Primary Football League Championship

3rd place in the Medway District Cup

7th place in Kwik Cricket Mini Youth Games

1st place Disability Youth Games Boccia

10th place Football Mini Youth Games


At Twydall, we strive to provide a PE curriculum that promotes opportunities for children to develop essential skills and knowledge, which they are able to apply across a range of sporting activities, as well as wider aspects of their everyday lives. We aim to provide children the opportunity to undertake physical activity every day, whether though lessons or through play, which underpins the school’s values of CHARACTER and in turn, has a positive impact on learning and behaviour in and outside of the classroom. Through high-quality lessons, or children develop a growing love for PE and being physically active. Our pupils appreciate the importance of leading and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and are able to communicate the benefits of being heathy not just in school, but in life.