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Intent - What are we trying to achieve with our curriculum?

At Twydall, our aim is to give children an appreciation of music through listening and performing in a variety of ways, and to share this appreciation with others through discussion and performance. We want our children to be able to express their own musical opinions and tastes, and be able to compose their own music. We actively encourage children to play an instrument and to sing through a number of musical opportunities across each key stage. 

Implementation – How is our curriculum delivered?

As a school, we follow a knowledge, skills and understanding framework from which we ensure the progress and attainment of all children. Children are given many opportunities to listen to and appraise music, and to make their own decisions about the music they hear and play in lessons. Across both key stages, children have the added benefit of a specialist teacher to guide them in playing an instrument, and through our topic work we encourage children to explore music from around the world, different genres and periods in history. 

In addition to the music taught in school we enhance children's confidence by taking part in lots of performances including the annual Christmas Carol concert at Rochester Cathedral, Key Stage One performance at the Central Theatre, Chatham and by embedding musical performances throughout the year with events for parents. 

Impact – How do we know?

We strive for children to leave Twydall with an increased interest in music and a desire to continue as a listener, performer and composer. Teachers plan interesting and varied lessons which are closely linked to our cross-curricular topics, and build upon prior knowledge and skills learnt as identified in our music progression overview. We aim for children to leave us with a broader perspective of other cultures and opinions through music, to give them a more diverse cultural capital and understanding attitude to others’ preferences. Through the many opportunities offered to our children musically across their school lives, we also want to see children grow in confidence and self-esteem, and feel included and valued. 

Wider Opportunities




Ukulele lessons with Mr. Saunders