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Twydall Primary School

Twydall Primary School

Online Safety

Keeping Myself and Others Safe Online


In Twydall Primary School we aim to promote mutual respect and co-operation between all members of the school and seek a calm, working atmosphere so that children feel emotionally safe, can concentrate, and can maximise time spent learning and achieving. Our online code of conduct has been created in reference to guidance from the Child Line Website.


When using any online platform, such as the internet, office 365 chat or even gaming chat we expect pupils of Twydall Primary School to follow our Online Code of Conduct. Pupils who do not follow this conduct may have their access to online facilities removed.


Online Code of conduct


· I will always check with an adult before using the Internet, chat or Email.

· I will follow the 4 C’s of Care, Courtesy Commitment and Consideration for our Community, while working and communicating online.

· Don’t upload or share anything you wouldn’t want your parents, carers, teachers or future employers seeing. Once you post something, you lose control of it, especially if someone else screenshots or shares it.

· I will make sure that my online activity is sensible and does not cause school staff, pupils or others distress or bring the school into disrepute.

· I will make sure that I do not intentionally exclude pupils from my groups as this may be viewed as cyberbullying.

· If I see anything that worries or upsets me on the Internet, in an email or on Chat I will ask an adult for help straight away.

· I will not talk to strangers or open messages from people I do not know. If someone says they know me I will ask an adult to check they are who they say they are.

· When I talk to people or write things on the Internet I will never tell anyone how old I am, where I live, or arrange to meet them.

· I will only use the Internet to look for things I know I am allowed to be looking at. If I am not sure I will ask an adult for help.

· My usernames and passwords belong to me. I will keep them to myself and not tell other people.

· I will not share any personal information about myself online, such as telephone numbers, addresses, full name, school names or date of birth. I will remember that people can use small clues like a logo in a photo to find out a lot about you.