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Twydall Primary School

Twydall Primary School

Care, Courtesy, Commitment and
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  • 06/02/20

    We did it!!!

    Today, we have received a donation of £500 on behalf of the Worshipful Master and Brethren of the Gillingham Lodge of Friendship. This means we have now raised £7000 for the new Mini Bus!! We would like to say a huge thank you to EVERYONE who has donated money and raffle prizes tow...
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  • 13/02/20

    Drop off and Pick up

      When dropping off and picking up children, please DO NOT park on the zig zag yellow lines. This is very dangerous and causes a build up of traffic in both directions. If you are unable to find a space, please park further away from the school and walk the rest of the way. We have...
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  • 12/02/20

    Read, Write, Inc Training

    Mr. Locke from Read, Write, Inc. has been in school today, coaching the staff on RWI techniques.  
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  • 03/02/20

    Whatsapp and other Social Media

    It has come to our attention that children in the Juniors have Whatsapp on their devices. This is an app aged for children 13 and over. We are aware that certain groups of children have been sending inappropriate messages to other children in school. If your child has this app, which should be disco...
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  • 31/01/20

    Visit from Mr. Chishti

    Mr. Chishti has been in to school today, to give an assembly to the upper school children, and to speak with our School Parliament Team. He covered many questions from students on his work as an MP & national issues including Brexit, defence, foreign affairs, and parliament. He was also...
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  • 24/01/20

    Letter from Alan Kinder

    Please see the letter below from Alan Kinder, after his visit earlier this week.
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  • 23/01/20

    Today's Fire Drill

    Dear Parents and Carers,  We held a fire alarm practice at 1pm today, to ensure all of the children and staff know what to do in the event of a fire.  Unfortunately due to a fault on the system, the alarms continued to sound longer than we anticipated.  The children displayed...
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  • 16/01/20

    Food Donations

    As part of a food donations scheme with Neighbourly, we have been very lucky in receiving items of food which we can give out to our parents.  Every Monday and Thursday, food is collected from Marks and Spencer at Hempstead Valley and brough to the school. Mrs. Deasy puts together...
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  • 16/01/20

    500 words 2020

      The UK's largest story writing competition for kids is back for it's tenth year. Please follow the link below for everything you need to know to get involved. BBC Radio 2 500 Words
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  • 15/01/20

    Healthy Packed Lunch

      Please take a look at the link below regarding healthy school packed lunches.
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  • 14/01/20

    SEN Hopscoth Audit

    Please find below the Hopscotch Self audit and Bronze Partner Award.
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  • 16/12/19

    Medway League Table Results

    Thank you to all the parents and carers who continually support our school. We are delighted with our progress in the Medway League Table, published today. The League tables show that the pupils at Twydall Primary School make more progress in Reading, from their starting points than in 58...
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