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Twydall Primary School

Twydall Primary School

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Year 6 to Year 7 Transition

Year 6 teachers and the SEN team at Twydall have been working very closely with secondary schools, in order to ensure your child's transition from Year 6 to Year 7 is as smooth as possible.   We have held meetings with each secondary school, where we have discussed your child in detail.  Where available, we have also obtained information about the induction activities and/or process that will be provided for your child.


Most secondary schools have provided a date for a parent call/zoom chat and/or provided video introductions for you to watch - they have also posted information on their websites.  If you have not heard from your child's school regarding the induction process by the end of June, we recommend you get in touch with their admissions team.


In the meantime, please see below for information we have gathered to date and links to the websites of the school your child is due to attend.  Please keep a close eye on this page as we will update as and when we are given further information:


The Victory Academy:    Mrs Krane - Head of Year 7.  The Victory are arranging a year 7 virtual transition day for the 2nd July 2020.  The website will be updated to show this in due course.  Children due to attend this school, should also expect information packs in the post.


Rainham Mark Grammar School:  All information about your child's transition can be found on this page.


Brompton Academy:  Brompton are posting videos of teachers for information about subjects.  They are also sending a work book home, which you should receive in due course.  They are also arranging calls and information within community groups.  Watch this web page for further information.


Robert Napier:   Meetings have been held with all new starters and their house teams, if you missed this, please get in touch with the school direct.  There are a number of activities planned for your induction to Robert Napier, you should receive a letter from the Head Teacher in due course.


The Howard School:  You should have received a letter from the school to explain the induction process, if not, please get in touch with them direct.


Rainham School for Girls:  You should have received a workbook from the school and also a letter. The link takes you straight to the school's letter page, in case you have not received yours.  


Strood Academy:


Highstead Grammar:


St John Fisher:  All induction events are found on this page.


Chatham Grammar:


Greenacre Academy:  You should have received a letter and password for this area.  If you cannot access, please contact Greenacre Academy, direct. 


Bradfields (including the Elliott Centre):  All transition and induction information has been uploaded and sent out, if you require further information please contact Bradfields, direct. 


Rivermead:  Please see the website for a tour of the school and induction information.  If you have not had contact from Rivermead, please get in touch with them direct. 


The Valance School: