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Twydall Primary School

Twydall Primary School

Care, Courtesy, Commitment and
Consideration in our Community

Our School Staff


Mrs C Logan

Deputy Headteacher

 Mr J Allen 

Inclusion Manager/SENCO

Mrs C Johnstone

Assistant SENCO

Miss E Welsh

Assistant Headteacher/EYFS & KS1 Leader

Mrs G Fautley



Year 6 Teacher

Mr S Hasan

Year 6 Teacher

Mr N Purser

Year 6  Teacher/KS2 Yr 5 & 6 Phase Leader

Miss S Moore




Year 5 Teacher  

Mr G Rowlinson

Year 5 Teacher

Miss L Tapson

Year 5 Teacher

Mr R Williams



Year 4 Teacher

Mr A Brackley

Year 4 Teacher

Mr A Sandhu

Year 4 Teacher

Mrs M Burgess



Year 3 Teacher/KS2 Yr 3 & 4 Phase Leader

Miss J Harris

Year 3 Teacher

Miss S Beard

Year 3 Teacher

Miss R Thornton



Year 2 Teacher (KS1 Phase Leader)

Mrs S Willing

Year 2 Teacher

Miss G England



Year 1 Teacher  

Mrs T Lodge

Year 1 Teacher

Miss L Sheridan/Mrs C Mwangi



Reception Teacher

 Miss H Knight

 Reception Teacher

Mrs K O'Connell

Nursery Teacher

Mrs P Gleadhill

Support Staff

Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2

Mrs N Attrill

Mrs L Cave (HLTA)

Mrs T Furnell

Mrs L Libertucci (HLTA)

Mrs C Martin

Mrs G Simpson

Mrs C Young

Mrs J Lammens

Mrs L Collins




Mrs M Allen (HLTA)

Mrs T Day

Mrs H Bennett

Mrs S Busby

Mrs V Hill

Miss B Simpson

Mrs D Lang (HLTA)

Mrs T Marks (HLTA)

Mrs R Morgan

Mrs W Phillips (HLTA)

Mrs  L Ford

Mr J Tierney

Mr J Wells

Mrs A Smail

Mrs K Page (Behaviour Support)

Miss K White

Special Support Assistants

Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2

Mrs V Startup

Miss A Ennis

Mrs L Lever

Mrs T Thomas

Mrs J Wragg

Mrs A Young



Mrs L Booth

Mrs P Comber

Mrs S Fewtrell

Mrs T Marchant

Mrs R Mills

Mrs L Swindell

Mrs M Allen

Mrs M Coles

Admin Staff

Other Support Staff


Mrs J Babatunde (PM)

Mrs D Butler

Mrs A Gower

Mrs J Hawkes

Mrs R Jeffery (SEN)

Mrs C Riddle (AM)

Mrs S Williams-King


Mrs H Deasy (Home School Support)

Mrs H Wood (ICT Support)

Site Staff 

Mr R Poole

Miss H Gallagher

Midday Meal Supervisors

Mrs A Jones (SMMS)